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Q: What is the default bonus?**A:** This is the amount and currency that Teamable will display for open jobs.

This amount appears under Basic Info on the recruiting side (where it can be manually overwritten at any time by a recruiter):

This amount also appears for employees from the jobs page whenever they click refer:

Q: How does the default bonus work with jobs that are coming from our ATS?**

A:** The default bonus is applied only on ATS jobs when the job is pulled from ATS in cases where there is no bonus attached to the position in the ATS.

Q:** Will the default bonus be attached to jobs I manually create in Teamable?

A: Yes, when you create a job manually, the default bonus will be be applied.

Note: When you update the default bonus, it will not be applied to jobs already created manually. However, it will be applied to jobs from the ATS (in cases where there is no bonus specified in ATS), during the next sync which happens approximately every 6 hours.
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