Uploading your contacts into your company's Teamable site benefits you, your contacts, and your company in many ways, but it's understandable that you may have some questions about what exactly you are giving Teamable and your hiring teams access to, and how this information can be used.

Teamable takes your privacy very seriously, does not share your contacts, does not access your computer, your emails, or any data in your social networks other than your friend list, and does not message anyone on your behalf without you editing the message and explicitly hitting send. You can also delete all history of your contacts at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you see anything in my social networks?

No. Teamable only accesses the name and contact info of your contacts across your various social address books. It’s like uploading a giant spreadsheet of the names of your contacts. Teamable then crawls the web, much like a search engine, to understand who your contacts are and what positions in your company they might be good fits for. Teamable cannot see your email messages, your newsfeed, your profile, your posts, your tweets, or anything of the sort – just the names of your contacts.

2. Do you share my contacts with anyone else?

No.Teamable does not share your contact data and maintains comprehensive security measures to protect your privacy. Each company has their own site that is unique to that company. The only people who have access to your contacts are you and the designated people on your hiring team who will do targeted searches in everyone’s contacts to find people who look like great fits for open positions. The people on your hiring team will not message your contacts on your behalf but rather ask you to make the first outreach through a two click mechanism where you have complete control over the message. They will have written a template for you, but you can edit it as you see fit. You can also delete your contacts and account at any time.

3. Why would I participate in this?

Hiring the right talent quickly, and without laborious sourcing jams, interviews, and other non-starters, is something that benefits everyone in a company in many ways, including creating a better work environment, minimizing distraction from getting things done, increasing the value of equity for everyone, maintaining a competitive advantage, increasing creativity, employee longevity, and all the other benefits that having the best teammates add to a team.

Not to mention how important it is for your own growth to work with great people. Great people usually already have jobs somewhere else, but you reaching out to them can convince them to join your company, either now or later, instead of the other opportunities they have.

As far as how it helps you specifically, for less than 3 minutes of your time per month, you can:

Help your team find and hire better talent faster which helps you grow, stay ahead of competition and increase the value of your life and equity.
Earn 10s of thousands in referral bonuses (some have earned over $100k).
Help your contacts get a better job. If they’re not interested, they usually know someone who is and are flattered you thought of them.
Lower the chance of a bad hire, increase the probability of good hires and save yourself time on hiring activities.
Have a searchable and email-able database of all your contacts across all your social address books in one place. And easily stay in touch with your contacts. People are very flattered when you think of them for a job.

4. Can anyone at Teamable send messages or post on my behalf without my permission?

No. No one at Teamable will ever send messages on your behalf to any of your connections or ever post to any of your social media accounts. 

5. Can anyone on my company's recruiting team send messages or post on my behalf without my permission?

Your recruiting team cannot post to any of your social media accounts. 

To save time, your recruiting team will send you a suggested message that you can send, but you have the ability to edit each message or reject it completely. You also have the ability to say you don’t want to contact anyone, they’re not a good fit for your company, or you don’t know them well enough with just one click.

In cases where you say 'Don't know', 'Not a Good Match' or pass to the recruiter to reach out, the recruiter may contact your connection directly to inquire about their potential interest in a particular job. 

Your recruiting team also has the ability to see all first degree connections at the company and may, at their discretion, contact any prospective candidate directly. This typically occurs, for example, after hearing feedback from you outside of Teamable. All recruiters are coached that the best way to engage a prospective candidate is through the personal and professional relationship that already exists with you, the employee.

6. Do the messages come from Teamable?

No. There are no Teamable branded messages ever sent to any of your contacts. Most of the messages will go to personal email addresses of your contacts, with your recruiter CC'd on the intro, and appear like a regular piece of email, sent from your company email address. We do embed an invisible pixel in every email to help your recruiting team know whether the message was opened and whether a jobs url, was clicked on, as both are leading indicators of interest, and would let your recruiting team know to follow-up with the prospective candidate.

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