It takes just a minute or two to get started with Teamable.

New to Teamable? Welcome! You should have received an invitation email from someone at the company with your company's unique Teamable URL. Typically, it's in this format:

When you go to your company URL, you will see a number of options, depending on how your company has configured your account.

Figure One: various ways to sign in/create an account in Teamable.

The most common and straightforward way to get started is by clicking one of the SSO options. Teamable supports login via Google oAuth, OKTA, and OneLogin.

Figure Two: Signing in with SSO (examples of Google oAuth and OKTA)

The first time you click the button, Teamable will create your account and walk you through the signup process.

Figure Three: The Signup screen.

You have the option of adding a photo, which we strongly encourage as it makes it easier for everyone at the company to identify you when you appear as a connection for a referral candidate.

You will also be asked for the following:

First name
Last Name
Department (choose from dropdown list)
Your Job Title

That's it! Click 'Save Your Profile' to continue.

Next, you'll be walked through each of the networks you can share with your company's hiring team. The more networks you share, the more you can help your company identify great referral candidates for your company's open jobs.

At each step of the way you'll be able to go back or go forward to skip to the next section by simply clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen (circled below).

Figure Four: The Facebook signup screen.

The fastest growing and healthiest companies in the world have over 60% of their hires from employee referrals and passive candidates - people who aren’t actively looking for a job but would likely be more engaged and productive in a different job and on a different team.  At Teamable, it’s our mission to help better connect people to work they love with people they love and build the teams that build tomorrow.

Through 4 years of research and evaluating the best teams and teammates at our customer companies, we now know that when employees take an active role in guiding their hiring teams to the best talent in their social networks, the growth of that company and the happiness of their employees and the impact that company has on society is accelerated.

And of course, their employees spend a lot less time on interviews and team dynamics issues, and more time delivering great products to the world.

So to that end, here’s how with just a few minutes of work, you can help build better teams and increase your company’s effectiveness, and at the same time, help your social connections discover interesting opportunities.

Figure Five: The LinkedIn signup screen.

Figure Six: The Google signup screen.

Figure Seven: The Specialized Networks signup screen.

The final signup screen contains all of the specialized networks that can be helpful to your recruiting team.

GitHub. GitHub is used by software engineers to share and fork code repositories and follow other open source developers who are working on similar projects. Teamable will import as first degree connections anyone who follows you and anyone you follow.
Dribbble. Dribbble is used by Front End developers and graphic designers as a way of sharing visually appealing portfolio objects. Teamable will import as first degree connections anyone who follows you and anyone you follow.

Twitter. Twitter is the primary way of communicating in 120 characters or less any specialized areas of expertise in an open forum worldwide. Teamable will import mutual followers as first degree connections.

What's missing? We're always looking to add new datasources. Drop us a line

That's it! Typically, it can take Teamable 6-24 hours after you've added your connections for them to be fully enriched. 

But why wait? You can now start making referrals for your company
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