The following are the core features of Teamable's integration with the Jobvite ATS.

Job Synchronization

All public jobs are published in Teamable, including job title, job url, job location, and job owner.
If a job is deleted/archived or made internal, it will by archived in Teamable.
This synchronization process runs approximately once an hour.

Resume Upload Workflow

A resume of a former colleague or friend is uploaded in Teamable by a company employee.
The company employee chooses the job for which the candidate is a fit and provides additional data on the candidate.
The candidate is created in Teamable.
A new contact is pushed to Jobvite, if it doesn't already exist.
An email is sent to the candidate with a link to formally apply for the job. If the candidate has previously applied for the job, he or she will be notified that they've already applied.

When candidate completes the application online, the contact in Jobvite becomes a candidate, with source type '**Teamable Referral**' and sourcer the name of the employee who made the referral in Teamable.
The job application is created.
The Jobvite candidate and application are pulled and matched with the Teamable candidate.

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