Q: All of My Published Greenhouse Jobs Don't Appear in Teamable. Why?

A: Depending on how you create your Job in Greenhouse, it may not appear in Teamable currently.

Greenhouse Jobs vs Job Postings
There is an issue with the new Job Postings functionality in Greenhouse where jobs created with the Job Postings feature aren't compatible with their API for reliably pulling into third-party systems like Teamable.

Q: What are Job Postings?
A: Job Postings are a quick and easy way to clone any position and change some particulars, like the location or hiring team. They are a great time saver whenever you have multiple openings for the same job title and description.

_Figure One: If, from any job, you click Job Set up> Job Post, it will clone the existing job and allow you to easily make changes, but the new job won't necessarily sync with Teamable.

Q: What happens when I use Job Postings versus Adding a New Job in Greenhouse?
A: When Teamable queries Greenhouse, we're unable to resolve the unique instances since all postings are seen as a single job in the API. The API returns the first match for the job title and won't display the others.

We're currently working closely with Greenhouse to find a solution.

In the meantime, the best way to avoid this issue and ensure that all of your published jobs from Greenhouse appear in Teamable is to use the 'Create New Job'** feature in Greenhouse.

Figure Two: From the Jobs page, clicking on the '+New Job' button every time you add a job will ensure that the job will appear in Teamable once it's published.

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