FAQs: Humanly Acquisition

What will happen to my Teamable account?

There will be zero disruptions to Teamable’s product and services. We’ll be updating our Terms of Service to reflect the acquisition, but you won’t experience any changes to your account, services or product functionality.

What billing changes can I expect?

Going forward, invoices will come from Humanly.

Saved credit card and ACH payment methods will be retained and future payments will be unaffected. If you make payments directly via ACH or wire transfers, your accounting team will need to update the bank account and routing information on file. We will reach out with a separate email with updated banking information.

If you have any questions, please contact ap@humanly.io.

Do I need to sign a new contract?

No you do not. The existing Terms of Service included in your contract will be automatically updated

Will my contract’s Terms of Service change?

The only update to the Terms of Service will be that Humanly becomes the named company on Teamable’s existing Terms of Service. As a result of this change (and the acquisition), your contract will be assigned, or “transferred,” to Humanly.

We aren’t changing anything impacting the way you use Teamable’s platform or how your data is transmitted or stored!

What if I’m interested in learning more about Humanly’s product offering?

We're hoping you’d say that! Reach out to your account manager or sales@teamable.com to learn more about how Humanly can elevate your candidate engagement and screening efforts.

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