The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is the place where everyone can see how they are doing in relation to everyone else in the company when it comes to making referrals. You can earn points to increase your rank. 

You earn points by connecting your network, making referrals, responding to intro requests, and marking favorites. Points will also be added if the candidate you referred applies to a job and when the recruiting team starts the interview process.

Point Calculations

Actions have default point values set in the app. The default point values are:

  • Onboarding completion - 80 points
  • Network uploaded - 20 points
  • Connection marked as "Favorite" - 2 points per connection
  • Referral made - 30 points per referral made
  • Intro response, no matter what the response is - 10 points per intro response
  • Application after the referral - 30 points per application
  • Offer or hire - 100 points per offer/hire

If you would like to change these point values, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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