Teamable Sourcing Best Practices - How be Successful with Sourcing

If you are not familiar with our Sourcing product, check out our article on What is Teamable Sourcing?.

The goal of Teamable Sourcing is to take the search for qualified candidates off of your plate and to only provide you with candidates you are excited to interview. The more detailed feedback you can provide to our Sourcing team, the more streamlined our search can be and the less review you have to do. The ultimate goal of the Sourcing team is to eliminate the need to review candidates and for outreach to be sent automatically!

The following testimonial is based on results from a customer who successfully hired 20+ people in less than a year, as much as 5 hires in 2 weeks, with roles spanning from Product Managers, Business Directors, and Infrastructure Engineers. We have also mixed in expert advice from our own Teamable crew. 

A LinkedIn Profile only tells a fraction of the story

  • Focus on the skills that will get candidates deep in the process, and relax all of the other “nice-to-haves”. 
  • Many of the customer's hires did not check off all of the boxes

Communication with the Stream team is key

  • Provide actionable feedback to the Teamable Stream team and be in constant communication.
  • Detail specifics of what you like and dislike about candidates as much as possible using the "Leave feedback" option under the "Send" and "Reject" buttons (select the dropdown arrow on the right side)
  • Actively listen to and provide suggestions for the roles with roadblocks.
  • Approving and rejection candidates on a specific cadence, whether daily or weekly basis, is paramount for the Stream team to get the feedback they need and pivot the role requirements to better suit the search.

Maximize Outbound Messaging Best Practices

  • Frequently use Send on behalf of (SOBO) as a Hiring Manager for the role or a higher level Executives for difficult roles.
  • Schedule with Clara, our email-based scheduling assistant to book interviews with candidates.
  • Tailor the follow-up messages to the specific role.
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