Creating an Outbound Campaign


Creating a new Campaign on the Project page

If you do not have a Project already, check out Creating a new Project to get started.

Step 1. Go to the Project where you would like the new Campaign to be created. You can find it via the Search bar at the top of the page or through your Projects tab.

Step 2. Select "New campaign" button on the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3. Choose your type of Campaign: Outbound.
Please note that you can created an unlimited amount of Outbound campaigns.

Creating a new Outbound Campaign

Step 1. Once you have selected the Outbound option for your new Campaign, you need to:

  • Name the campaign.
  • Select the Sender in the "Send as" section. You can choose yourself "Me" or another Teammate on your Team. *This feature is only available to Essential and Premium users.
  • Select the Reply Handler in the "Reply handling" section. If the Sender is yourself, you can only choose yourself "Me". You will have the option to select a Teammate if the Sender is a Teammate. *This feature is only available to Premium users.

Step 2. Select "Next".

Step 3. Create a First Message!

  • Select the "Subject" box to draft and edit a Subject Line for the email.
  • Utilize the variables to customize and tailor your First Message to each candidate. Check out Variables: {First Name}, {Company}, {Sentence}, {Calendar}, {Signature} for more information on each variable option.
  • Need help crafting a First Message? Check out some Example Campaigns Teamable has developed.
  • Please note that editing the First Message template will change for any pending outreach candidates' First Message such as candidates in Review or candidates "saved for later".

Step 4. Select the "Preview" tab to see an example of your message and view a possible outreach to a candidate.

Step 5. Select "Create new campaign" once you are happy with your First Message. You can always edit it after creating the campaign.

Step 6. On the Campaign Settings page, you can adjust a variety of options:

Setting up your Follow-up Messaging

For more information on setting up your Follow-up Messaging, check out Adding Follow-ups and Adjusting Sending Options.

Setting up your Replies

For more information on setting up your Replies and automated Replies, check out Handling Candidate Replies.

Start Saving Candidates via Chrome Extension or CSV Import!

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