How to enable the Integration for Slack for my team

Note: The Integration for Slack is applicable to our Referrals functionality, which is included in our Premium plan as stated in our pricing page.

Enabling the Integration for Slack for Teamable:

Open the Admin panel in your Teamable account

From the Admin panel, navigate to the Slack integration settings.

Hit the "Add to Slack" button - this will take you to your Slack workspace settings in-browser.

Once you're in Slack, you'll see a message asking you for some permissions. Hit approve, and you'll be all set.

Once you allow permissions, you'll be redirected back to your Admin panel in Teamable.

Note: If you're not a workspace owner of your Slack workspace, you'll see the following message. Send a quick message to a workspace owner ("app manager") in order to get Teamable approved for your workspace.

What can you do with the Slack app?

  • Employees can receive Intro Requests from recruiters and respond in-app
  • Employees can refer connections for open positions in-app
  • Recruiters can receive employee referrals, review them, and approve/reject
  • Recruiters and employees can respond to “@” mentions in notes on potential candidates
  • Recruiters and employees can connect their networks in-app
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