Chrome Extension Alerts

There can be two kind of alerts on the Teamable Chrome Extension. "Candidate blocked" alert and other account-related alerts.

Candidate blocked

Candidate blocked alert means that the candidate was not able to be saved and outreached.

"Cannot reach out or save for later because..."

“...outreach has been sent to this candidate within the last 24 hours.” - The candidate has been recently contacted by a teammate

“...this candidate has been deleted from Teamable” - The candidate has been removed from the Teamable database per opt-out or compliance reasons.

“...this candidate wishes to not be contacted.” - The candidate has requested to not be contacted by Teamable.

“...this candidate’s current company has been blacklisted.” - The candidate's current company is blacklisted by your Team. Please contact your Teamable Admins for more information.

“...of GDPR or other compliance reasons." - The candidate cannot be contacted by Teamable due to GDPR or other compliances by law.

Account-related Alerts

“Account on hold” - Your account is on hold. You can save candidates, but messages will not be sent through your mailbox at this time.

" X outreach remaining" - You are reaching the limit on your outreaches and you have X amount of outreaches left. 

Trial ending xx/xx/xx“ -  Your trial will end on that date.

“Mailbox problem" - Teamable has not been able to sync your mailbox in a few hours. Please reach out to for more information.

“Unsent drafts” - A number of unsent drafts are in your Drafts folder. A link is provided to your Drafts folder.

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